2006-2021, links to related media in captions
Hero Boombox prop I produced/built and a snippet of a set I dressed. I made some of the background props as well. I am honored to be a part of an amazing team working on “Wendell and Wild” (2022) for Netflix Animation.
The Boxtrolls

My hand placing a prop on the set as seen in “The Boxtrolls Trailer 2” (2014,  dressing by Caitlin Pashalek). I coordinated the planning, building, delivery, and archiving of all of the thousands of props in this movie.  Click here to watch “The Boxtrolls” trailers


Still from “Coraline” (2009), I coordinated the making of all of the props seen in the movie; building them myself as time permitted.  Click here to watch “Coraline” trailers

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.00.03 AM

Still from “ParaNorman” (2012). Again, I coordinated all of the props and set dressing in this movie; making things myself when I found time.  Click here to watch “ParaNorman” trailers


An example of a small prop I would have time to make between my other tasks on “ParaNorman” (2012);  “Lightswitch 1” : sculpted styrene, molded, cast in resin, and painted -penny included for scale “This Little Light” shows our process of making a prop in the model shop at LAIKA — Click here to watch “This Little Light”


Article on my work on Coraline in the REED magazine — Click here

Cody Model Shop 2

Coordinating elements for build of “Bug Couch” on Coraline

Cody Model Shop 1

Surveying the build of “Frozen Fountain” on Coraline

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